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My Father’s Voice

March 2 My dad would have been 91 today. To me, he will perpetually be a 35-40-something genius whose mind ran wildly fast, whose ideas...


It’s no coincidence that dog is God spelled backward. They are a gift to humans, and I’ve partaken most of my life. We had German...

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A place for my passion

I am a wife, sister, daughter, dog mom, and chum personally. But a big part of me is where I am and where I’ve been professionally as a communicator. These days, I enjoy communicating the benefits of not-for-profit, cooperative credit unions. Back in the day I was a TV journalist. You can’t take the newsroom out of the girl, I guess.  I still question, dig, doubt, question again, and love to write. That’s what lots of these posts will be about. I started LynnHatthekeyboard with the goal of taking anyone interested in along on my journey. 

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Oregon City, OR 97045, USA

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